Suzie the Mouse

Say hello to Suzie

One of my first creations

This is Suzie one of my favourite creations.  When Suzie was developed I was moving away from the knitted creatures I had created previously, and had also bought myself a new toy of a super-duper sewing machine, so needed something to make on it.  I knew I wanted to make some larger toys but didn’t have any patterns. After some serious thinking, a flick through some of my favourite sewing and illustrated character books and a few cups of herbal tea I came up with the idea for Suzie.

After raiding a few high street shops I came home armed with a million socks, tights, bits of felt and fabulous patterned fabrics and I was ready to begin.   A few hours, and several revisions later Suzie was born; she’s about 30cm tall and sporting a nice summery dress.

I love this pattern so much that I now can’t stop making mice!   Watch this space for some more incarnations of this pattern.

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