Another quick make

A functional piece of wall art that stops your hair clips from getting squashed in drawers or boxes.

Because of my sister’s weding earlier this year my hair is currently the longest it has been for many, many years.  It is quite amazing that I have not yet had it cut short again as I usually get quite annoyed with it as it gets longer – it’s so thick and heavy!  But most days I end up putting it up and to decorate it I have developed quite a collection of pretty flower clips.   But as the collection has grown I have run out of room to store them without them getting squashed.   So, the other day I had the brainwave of making a padded board to clip them all to that I could hang on the bedroom wall thus added a much needed flash of colour to our bedroom and solving the problem of squashed flowers.   Here’s what I did:

Materials required:
A back board of required size (I used the back board from an old A4 clip frame for posters etc.)
A piece of wadding cut to the same size as the board
A scrap of material about 5cm bigger than the board all the way round
Scraps of ribbon in varying widths
Some pin board pins
A staple gun

1.  Lay the material face down on your workspace and then position the wadding in the middle (or positioned correctly so that the pattern is centered when finished) and lay the board ontop of this.
2.  Take one of the corners of the material and pull directly over the board and staple in place.   Repeat for remaining corners pulling tightly as you go.
3.  Continue by pulling the material on one of the sides of the board over and stapling into place.   Repeat with remaining sides ensuring that material is kept fairly taught on the front.
4.  Turn your board over so that front is facing you and place your pieces of ribbon over the top in any formation that you desire and staple the ends in place on the back of the board.
5.   Where the pieces of ribbon cross on the front secure in place with a pinboard pin.
6.   Clip your hair decorations to the ribbons, hang on the wall and enjoy your new piece of functional artwork!

Sorry there are no step-by-step pictures of this (I’ll add them next time I make one of these) but if I have not explained this very well please leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out.

Here’s my finished piece:

With added clips.

Before the clips were clipped to the ribbons.

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