It’s nearly Halloween……

….. and here are my latest Halloween makes:

A bat and pumpkin garland/ bunting and some knitted pumpkins.   The garland is for sale over on Etsy and as a little Halloween gift I thought I would share the pattern for the large pumpkin with you.

Skills required:
Knitting in the round (there are lots of videos on youtube if you are not familiar with this)
Embroidery for the face
French knots

Materials required:
Orange yarn
Green yarn
Embroidery yarn (I used the full thickness of the thread)
Double point needles that are a couple of sizes smaller than recommended on the ball band (so that the stuffing doesn’t show through the stitching)
Knitters sewing needle

Body:  CO 35 stitches and join in round and distribute between 3 needles (n1=12, n2=11, n3=12), mark beginning of round.

Round 1:  (K5, P2) to end
Round 2-20:  repeat round 1

Break yarn leaving a reasonable end to enable you to thread this through all the stitches on your needle.   Gather tightly and close the remaining hole and secure.

Re-thread your needle with the CO tail and use this to catch up the loops around this end, stuff your pumpkin and gather the end tightly, closes any remaining hole and secure.  While you still have the thread on your sewing needled sew from one gathered end, up through the middle of the pumpkin, to the other and back again, pull fairly tightly and secure again (this will create the ‘squashed’ shape of the body rather than your knitting just being a sphere). Hide the ends.

Stork:  CO 4 stitches and work an i-cord(instructions here) for 8 rounds.
Break yarn and thread through stitches, gather and secure.

Sew the stork to the body of the pumpkin.
Embroider your chosen face onto the pumpkin.   I found it easier to start with one eye, work the mouth and then finish with the other eye.   This creates a knot at each end and keep the stitches secure.

Tah Dah!!

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